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EthmarReal Estate an InmaaInternational Group member. EthmarReal Estate Company was established in 2019 and Sharjah is our headquarters to start operating in the real estate investment market. Innovative solutions are the basis of our work for the convenience of our clients. We provide the full services in different fields including real estate investment and development. Further, our services extend to include incorporating and managing projects, selling and renting the residential and commercial units, lands, and real estate brokerage.
In a short period, we achieved remarkable progress and pioneering achievements in the real estate market management, development and investment, including residential and commercial buildings in all of the United Arab Emirates.
It is our honor to provide our services and distinguish in dealing directly with our clients without an intermediary in renting or selling residential or commercial units, and managing and developing real estate projects.
EthmarReal Estate is a leading real estate development company in the United Arab Emirates possessing real estate units spread across a number of prominent areas and distinct urban expansion scales. During our career, we were able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of commercial and residential properties with the highest levels of service and quality.

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Ethmar real estate provides the following professional real estate services across various geographies and asset types